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The Planner Perfect Method was created and designed as a way to inspire women to stop the dead-end quest to be organized by just corralling the endless tasks that consume our lives. I will teach you how to switch your focus and become a better planner by allowing your goals and dreams to be your focus. Tasks will take on a better role, because they certainly have their place, when you look at them differently; as not your whole life.  

When we are driven by our goals and dreams, organization is its residual effect.

When applying the 7-Step, Planner Perfect Method, you will be an organized woman in  all aspects of your life; you will be driven by your Mission Statement, your goals, and your dreams, and your tasks will be completed.

I have created a unique set of life planners for women as a tool to harness this kind of life. By adopting the Planner Perfect Method and Planner, you will stand out in a crowd, you will be confident in who you are and where you’re going, and you will embrace and take back your motherhood, homemaking and life again. 

1. Calendar Girl
It’s time to let your calendar take a backseat. No more carrying around a small calendar, living life around by your activities and appointments. It’s time to write out monthly goals with details and script your days on plenty of paper. This is the first change you need to make in order to plan better and become more.

2. Switch Your Focus
Stop being a slave to your tasks. You become more when you switch your focus  from following just and only your tasks. Take the burden off your tasks to identify who your are! You are more than your tasks in life. Knowing your calling and creating goals around it, keeps you focused on what gives you personal growth. Now that is better planning! 

3. Know Thy Talents
Discover what you’re talents are and use them. If you think God skipped you, you are wrong! If you haven’t discovered your talents begin thinking about what you love and go from there. Using your talents for our own fulfillment and to share with the world is vital in becoming all you can be and to find pleasure in life and what God has given you.

4. What is Your Calling?
Within our talents we find our calling. I’m not talking about being our children’s mother, that is our duty. Your calling is under a different category, something that is for us, and what we were meant to do, to help and serve others outside our motherhood. Understand that not everything we’re good at is our calling. I used to think that the several things I was good at was what I needed to focus on. Not so. I’ve learned that that just makes me mediocre at lots of things and a master at none. Focus on that one thing that you love that you’ve been called to do and become a master at it. Praying for God to reveal what it is He has called you to do is how we can define our purpose. 

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