By RARENWISE “THE BEST PART ABOUT PUTTING IN THE WORK IS WHEN YOU CAN REAP THE REWARDS OF YOUR LABOR” – RARENWISE As most of you know, I recently removed myself from all those who no longer serve me. It’s been a…. Liberating journey. The last several years, I put a lot of work intoContinue reading “MOVING DAY ON THE HORIZON”

The Top 50 Apps For Poets And Writers (Android & iOS)

By Pick me up poetry There’s no shortage of apps and websites for poets and writers on the Internet, and everyone has their own set of go-to apps for everything from planning, editing to publishing. So, we did some digging around and compiled this list of the top 50 apps for poets and writers soContinue reading “The Top 50 Apps For Poets And Writers (Android & iOS)”

Strange People at the Library

By Intellectual Shaman It was one of those wet days that made me feel like a pond creature. I was running off the weight, and my stop, after a hot shower was the city library. There are places I go, and just listen, even though most people don’t, and if I open my ears, IContinue reading “Strange People at the Library”

I WILL LAY YOU IN THE WIND (With audio version)

Twilight as the flapping shutters wrestle the hinges of time, We take a bath in each other embrace, this time I am the gleaning lather and she the frail candle flame: flickery and unguarded. Reckless are we, we’ve dared the wind again. A dip in a pint; drown and drown dear. And let your eyesContinue reading “I WILL LAY YOU IN THE WIND (With audio version)”

A SILENT BANTER (With Audio version)

To quench my huff; I should tell you then; the wild is better. It is better now that you have staved away despair stirred by the unknown. Valiantly, my quest has led me back to that single tear, Where I have been searching in the most beautiful pasts. Skimpy places I shunned; places that nowContinue reading “A SILENT BANTER (With Audio version)”

HE THAT LINGERS (with audio version)

Everything is dull whenever the record stops. There is a recluse she cherishes that fades away into nothingness, She claims there is someone in the music. A man of undecided wrath and sensual flares. He wears a sumptuous crown; a velvet curtain upon his eyes. When the record starts to play he rises. The melodyContinue reading “HE THAT LINGERS (with audio version)”

5 poetry books about mental health

Author: Wendy Tuxworth April is National Poetry Month, so I thought I would put together a list of 5 poetry books that talk about mental health. I know poetry isn’t for everyone, but I would seriously consider giving these a go! Some of them are really accessible for people who don’t think that poetry isContinue reading “5 poetry books about mental health”

CHAOS AND REPOSE (With audio version)

Devious jitters jostle through a quiet jungle, Marching through, and the lucid moment is half gone. Now deep in chaos, a valued breath turns to a mortal dream. Hurry, come and identify the ache; its form is ever-changing. And once at a bruised end, there is an afternoon full of eerie stillness. A cleaved andContinue reading “CHAOS AND REPOSE (With audio version)”

EUPHORIA IT IS (with audio version)

Life and its constant vicissitudes are hailed. Aboard, we journey all in privation and mindless hassles, Seeking but only one taste; a quick nibble of euphoria, In whichever flavour it is offered, euphoria it is. Euphoria is then, a therapeutic bath It serenades you with repose And stroke your body and soul with subtle volts.Continue reading “EUPHORIA IT IS (with audio version)”

A FLUTE IN WHISKY (With an audio version)

I remember, pangs of the aftermath had forced me to…As if it would be quenched, I dipped my flute in a glass of beaming yellow hues.Which refracted away its soulful stead; and found it rather hefty and pensive.It was clogged with honey: the same remedy only bitter.As it drenched my tongue which bribed my bluesContinue reading “A FLUTE IN WHISKY (With an audio version)”