I Work In Porn. I Know Why So Many Men Are Single

By Ossiana Tepfenhart A look into the frustrating world of dating as a man. As someone who works in the porn industry, I know a little secret. It’s true. As a person who hangs out with adult film stars, I know that you don’t have to be 6’1 with a sick physique to get laid.Continue reading “I Work In Porn. I Know Why So Many Men Are Single”

Embrace Your Spaces (With audio version)

Fraser Duncan is a Scottish in Bristol, UK, near retirement and embracing the slow. He cares about family, health, aging, compassion, growth, self-awareness, UK politics, and society One way or another, we are all mostly busy most of the time. We could be running a business or in a stressful job, we could be managing aContinue reading “Embrace Your Spaces (With audio version)”

Create a Safety Plan to Stay Safe in an Abusive Relationship (With audio version)

This is an article on wellbeing and safety by BLACKWELL DIGITAL Safety planning is not one-size-fits-all – every survivor will be in a unique situation and have to plan for their individual circumstances. Below is a list of steps and actions to take when preparing your safety plan. Identify the safest rooms in your home. TypicallyContinue reading “Create a Safety Plan to Stay Safe in an Abusive Relationship (With audio version)”

7 Seemingly Charming Habits That Are Actually Manipulative

Kristine Fellizar is a lifestyle writer at Bustle, where she covers all things related to sex, dating, and relationships — from dating how to’s to zodiac compatibility. She also writes about health and wellness. In addition to Bustle, her work has been featured in a number of publications including HelloGiggles, FabFitFun, The Date Mix, AwesomenessTV,Continue reading “7 Seemingly Charming Habits That Are Actually Manipulative”

How to Deal With Rejection

Jennifer Hickson is currently a licensed clinical social worker in the state of Georgia. She has been providing treatment since 2008. She has worked with a diverse group of clients in various settings to include mental health hospitals, outpatient therapy settings, community settings, and school settings. In addition to therapy, she has provided services asContinue reading “How to Deal With Rejection”