How 7 tips from ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’ could help you save up quickly

There are some must-read books in personal finances that will help you develop good saving habits.

Undergoing training and taking the time to read can help you improve economic control so you can become more financially literate and, ultimately, increase your financial freedom.

While many manage perfectly well relying on their intuition to guide their spending habits, it can also be useful to expand your knowledge and set up a budget, an emergency fund, or ensure you have a financial contingency plan in the event of something unexpected.

One way to get on the right track with your money is by reading. 

There is a wide range of reading material that can help you apply a better philosophy to your finances. 

One of them is Rich Dad, Poor Dad, a must-read if you want to learn about personal finance. 

It offers smart ways to escape the vicious circle of working hard for others your whole life while failing to save anything.

Here are seven helpful lessons you can apply from the book to your own life.

1. The rich make their money work for them

You must have heard the phrase “live to work or work to live”. 

This is one of the basic concepts addressed in the book. 

Most work to survive. If they have money problems, they ride them out or ask for a raise. 

This is the vicious cycle most middle and working-class people fall into.

Generally, people with fewer financial resources study to get a good education to qualify for more relevant jobs so they can then earn more money. 

They tend to avoid taking risks for fear of not being able to pay their debts, being fired, or not having the money they need to survive.

On the other hand, rich people make money and don’t work to earn it. 

In other words, they buy assets that generate income. This is one of the book’s most important lessons.

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