Rise of the Conqueror – Know Yourself (With audio version)

Your only purpose on this earth is to be you, and only you. Never compare yourself with another, for you are the only YOU that has ever been created. Your tribe may appear similar, but they have not trodden your path, nor have you trod theirs. The trials and tribulations you have endured are forgingContinue reading “Rise of the Conqueror – Know Yourself (With audio version)”

Rise of The Conqueror (With audio version)

From the dawn of time to the end of time man will battle his desires.Many will succumb, torn piecemeal by their conscience. Broken, they will fall into the abyss of despair; never to raise again.But you are different! You have no choice but to rise above the noise. You have come this far, yet stillContinue reading “Rise of The Conqueror (With audio version)”