11 Copywriting Secrets to Attract New Customers

by Alan Draper These copywriting secrets can help you grow your business. It can be challenging to craft your own message, but when you get it right, your marketing can work wonders. Every business wants a website that brings in new customers, but not everyone gets there. This is how. By implementing these easy copywritingContinue reading “11 Copywriting Secrets to Attract New Customers”

6 Tips On How to Sell Luxury Items Online

By Yieldify How to avoid crucial mistakes when selling luxury items online? In our blog post, we look at 5 strategies that will ensure your luxury marketing is on-point and sales-oriented. By the year 2025, online luxury sales will have tripled their contribution to the global high-end market, exceeding $91 billion and accounting for 20% ofContinue reading “6 Tips On How to Sell Luxury Items Online”

The 9 Traits of Highly Effective Copywriters

Written by Matthew Kane A lot of the oft-cited characteristics of a quality a copywriter are so obvious that one can’t help but wonder if they were written by writers at all. How many must begin with some variant of “strong writing skills,” “a knowledge of the English language,” or the ever-ambiguous “creativity.” Any professional copywriter, withoutContinue reading “The 9 Traits of Highly Effective Copywriters”