By Susan Palwick Two women who have been friends since they were children—one a recovering alcoholic brought up by parents who believe they’re alien abductees, the other an orphan with an eating disorder—contend with a secret that might doom their friendship. So here’s the thing. You’re scared shitless, because you know something heavy’s going downContinue reading “Recoveries”

The Song

By Erinn L. Kemper A powerful near future story about two people on a whale-processing rig: one a researcher, the other a worker—and the discovery they make by listening to whale song. Whale song echoed through the water in long, wistful moans. A pod calling to one another, repeating the same refrain. Dan paused inContinue reading “The Song”

A Forest, or A Tree

By Tegan Moore Four young women go on a camping trip. Things slowly begin to go wrong. It was just the four of them, four girls alone in the forest. “Everything is dicks,” Elizabeth said. She gestured at the gnarled gray trunks rising bare-limbed into the shade of their own canopy. “I mean, look around.Continue reading “A Forest, or A Tree”

Seonag and the Seawolves

By M. Evan MacGriogair A clan storyteller unfolds the tale of Seonag and the wolves, and the wolves and the waves. I know you’ve heard the story of An Duine Aonarach, who one day walked into the sea and never returned. And likely you have at least heard of Seonag as well, who did theContinue reading “Seonag and the Seawolves”

Cosmic Crust

By Alex Sherman In an apocalyptic, depopulated city, a young man named Bhu struggles to feed his ailing dog Lucy. Phan, the local pizza parlor owner, takes pity on Bhu and provides the meat Lucy needs so she can survive. But what exactly is in the meat? And how far is Bhu willing to goContinue reading “Cosmic Crust”

Of Roses and Kings

By Melissa Marr In this dark, skewed take on Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Alice is now the Red Queen, and her maid must tread the fine line between favor and blame in this strange world. “To the dungeon.” Those were the last words she said to me, and the reasons for them should be what IContinue reading “Of Roses and Kings”

We Come as Gods 

By Suyi Davies Okungbowa In honor of Black Speculative Fiction Month, eight SFF authors share stories that honor forebearers and memories of the past, fight the legacies that underpin the brutalities of the present, and demand a future that’s freer than today. The stories publish on all throughout the morning of October 19. They areContinue reading “We Come as Gods ”

Masquerade Season

By Pemi Aguda Pauly is a good son. When he brings home three beautiful Masquerades, he’s expecting that his mother will be proud of him. But when his mother begins asking favors of his Masquerades, he realizes that being a good son sometimes means disobeying. Pauly should stick to the major roads when walking homeContinue reading “Masquerade Season”

Of Mice and Men

By John Steinbeck In the Penguin compilation volume, The Short Novels of John Steinbeck (2009 [1953]), the six novels chosen – the word novelette is used to describe one of them– half could be viewed as long short stories, and it is through the lens of the short story form that I tend to view them. Whereas CanneryContinue reading “Of Mice and Men”