No One Was Watching

by Todd Maupin Amber quickly scanned the classroom around her. Then she rolled up her sleeve and glanced surreptitiously at her forearm. A.B.A.C.D.A.C.B.A.D.D.C.A.B.False.False.True… she transferred these responses to her exam. No one was watching.The wallet was damp with dew and was sprawled, open and defenseless, in the grass between the sidewalk and the old Honda parkedContinue reading “No One Was Watching”

Silent Valley

by J. Fallthrough Jerry pulls back the throttle and squints through the window of the cockpit at the little abandoned village below.  “Silent Valley,” he says in a voice-over style like in the promotional videos. The quietest place in the Western Hemisphere.” The huts built by the scientists who studied the mountain movement barely stand anymore.Continue reading “Silent Valley”

Lost Keys

by Todd Maupin My keys. My house keys. The keys to my house. As the French subtitles would read, clés chez moi. Clés chez.When I patted the side of my pants for the reassurance of feeling my keys in my pocket where my trousers were joined at the hip, I was immediately disappointed. And then subsequentlyContinue reading “Lost Keys”


by Jürgen Fauth In April, my uncle’s cherry orchard is an amazing sight. I used to score girls by taking them on a ride past Frauenstein, up on a hill where you could see the trees, the whole lot of them sparkling white and pink in the breeze. Then we’d go for a walk through theContinue reading “Orchard”

The Atonement Tango

By Stephen Leigh The Wild Cards universe has been thrilling readers for over 25 years. One act of terrorism changes the life of Michael “Drummer Boy” Vogali forever in Stephen Leigh’s “The Atonement Tango.” Now without his band, Joker Plague, Michael must figure out a way to re-build his life–and seek revenge. Michael—aka “Drummer Boy,”Continue reading The Atonement Tango

Everything that Isn’t Winter

By Margaret Killjoy Does a renewed world still have a place for those who only know how to destroy? While defending a tea-growing commune in the wilds of the Pacific Northwest, one person seeks an answer. The evening sky was a spring gray, which is different than a winter gray, and the soft light thatContinue reading Everything that Isn’t Winter

Reverse Documentary

By Marisela Navarro Dino is a documentary filmmaker, haunted by the ghost of his ex-girlfriend who was killed in a car crash while with another man. As Dino shoots his latest documentary on the vandalism occurring in the woods of his hometown, he tries to move on from her unexpected death. But when his lifeContinue reading Reverse Documentary

A Pest Most Fiendish

By Caighlan Smith Miss Pippa Kipling and her automaton companion, the Porter, exterminate pests of the supernatural variety. What should be a typical job in your average haunted cavern soon derails in an inconveniently undead fashion. Even with the aid of her gadget collection and the Porter’s prowess, this task may prove fatal for MissContinue reading A Pest Most Fiendish

The Scholast in the Low Waters Kingdom

By Max Gladstone A stranger claiming knowledge of realms beyond the known world attempts to stop a war. Stories about the Scholast proliferate among the uneducated. They say she was a god, or not. She seduced the Princess Martial, or was saved by her. She has been credited with miracles. But history owes its prideContinue reading The Scholast in the Low Waters Kingdom

Uncanny Valley

By Greg Egan Immortality, but at what price, in what form, and how could you be you? In the near future it’s possible to build a new you, a better you, one that could carry on forever. But if you could carry on, if you could make choices about who you would be forever, howContinue reading Uncanny Valley