Peeling Off Layers Of Spiritual Skin…

By The River of life

Greetings and Blessings: From my table to yours……Coming up in 2022 can be a scary thing for some of us. However, have we gotten our houses in order or do we yet got to get there? Well let me answer this one for you. The time is now. We all can do this right now by first, mentally preparing our minds to peel off unwanted layers of junk form our lives.

We don’t need the excess skin sagging all over our spiritual bodies. We don’t need it and God don’t won’t it there either. All we need is a make over. I’m talking about a full head to toe body make over in our spirits. Holy Spirit requires us to lay ourselves prostrated before God on the table of His words allowing Him to help us peel off layers of unwanted skin from our lives.

Let’s just cross examine ourselves stop and think, do I want to live a better life for myself and for the Lord this season of 2022 coming up? We should have this mindset everyday anyway. Make up in your mind right now to do it before 2022 gets here why? Because tomorrow ain’t promise to no one (Pro 27:1).

Our true confession are, have we’ve made up in our minds to peel away the skin of selfishness away, let’s peel away the skin of being to busy to spend time with the Lord, let’s peel away the skin of spending to much time on social media and cellular devices more than we do with Jesus.

Let’s peel layers and layers of skin off, the flesh I’m talking about it doesn’t do anything but get us into trouble with the Lord. Let’s peel away the skin of watching hours and hours of television networks that are poisioning and allowing the wicked to gain control over us and our children.

Well what are we going to do from here since we’re not allowed to do none of these things? I won’t say we’re not allowed! But I will say, nothing may not be wrong with some of these things. Though we mustn’t let them steer us away from the Lord’s presence of what He wants to do through us. If we find given up those things to be boring just to name a few, then we need to seek our one true love turn back to the Lord for comfort. He’s the only one who will satisfy our inter parts..

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