The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Work/Life Balance

By Keap Clearly, work life balance harmony is not considered one of the defining characteristics of the life of an entrepreneur, but perhaps it should be. No doubt, 24/7 work requirements and a passion (that may sometimes border on obsession) can be difficult to balance against the focus and presence required to maintain a healthyContinue reading “The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Work/Life Balance”

Relax. Startup Success Has Nothing To Do With Hard Work

By Joe Procopio Instead of grinding every day, here are seven areas to focus on I recently had a long conversation with a founder friend who had worked herself to the edge of burnout. A yearlong period of slow growth and stagnation had left her frustrated, exhausted, and ready to give up. As a startupContinue reading “Relax. Startup Success Has Nothing To Do With Hard Work”