Questions Asked in the Belly of the World

By A. T. Greenblatt For the residents of this mycological ecosystem, creating art feeds the World around you and requires working in harmony with your inner voice. When one artist’s voice begins screaming, he’s forced to travel farther than he ever has before to reconcile with the noise in his head and find his trueContinue reading “Questions Asked in the Belly of the World”


A short story by Dan Musgrave When the sun is two trees up, the learners call Clyde to the room for work. Clyde leaves the people and enters the room with the machine. Clyde is one of the people who works. He is good. In the room with the machine, there is the machine, the glass,Continue reading “HEARTBREAK IS THE SAME IN EVERY LANGUAGE”


BY JACK PETRUBI They are always busy. Every morning over coffee—his head sore from gin and tonics the night before—he watches Samantha line up her pills, taking her temperature and her folic acid. She ticks off each day on the menstrual calendar she spent a whole week of evenings drawing with a ruler and differentContinue reading “HEARTS AND MINDS”

I Married a Mermaid

By Intellectual Shaman I don’t know what we were trying to do, or possibly, what we were trying to find, but I found myself squeezed between two of my best friends in a pickup truck that had been threatening to die for the last 50 miles. Then it did. We were near the national forestContinue reading “I Married a Mermaid”

Don’t Afraid Yourself

By Your Story (Sahdeo Singh) It is fact we all afraid ourselve We are not relying ourselves, Always think can I do the job ? We ask ourselves can I fulfill the job. That shows we are in double minded It is our mental status . Our observation,dedication , attention All are involved but weContinue reading “Don’t Afraid Yourself”

A Family Tree

By Storyshucker There it was, covered in salty spray from the waves of the Chesapeake Bay. A tiny pine tree so fragile and insubstantial, enveloped by a formidable mass of vines and branches. It was nothing, dominated by everything. Just that day the sprout pushed upwards through leaf litter. Its tiny taproot pushed down intoContinue reading “A Family Tree”