Many People Knew People

What use is left of bones picked off meat?And of days heart to heart yet vain.So many people locked themselves inside an indifferent nostalgia,And buried the key in a deep-sea so selfish.Yes, prisoners of past moments.Beyond their curses and blessings,Many people met people in those glory nightsFull of illusion. And broken people met a wholeContinue reading “Many People Knew People”


By Tonny Wandella It is time, the world needs to be saved.And the grail has found a home in shaking hands,Hoisted above a new found murmur.For these riddles makes them all thirsty.‘Can’t you see the halo? Call for a truce!’‘It’s only a kiss, I will find my way out through the noose.Maybe I will drownContinue reading “HOLY GRAIL”


By Tonny Wandella Haunting giggles of ancient saints locked up in sculptors,Or the blessed aura flecked with confessed sinsOf forgiven flocks, are all housed in an empty cathedral near town.Whose bell has a gong that makes the town hide away all its weekly mischief.I remember seeing breadcrumps being hoarded away byRelentless ants,Clearing a forlorn alterContinue reading “EMPTY CATHEDRAL”

One In Every Drove

By Tonny Wandella And my wool grew scruffy and ruggedAnd there slipped a lice; part of my unrest.It craved a portion of me; I gave it two,It craved it also, gladly I gave it too.Before it lain me bare on a high alter of its gluttonous parade.Looking forward to my glistening toasty thighs,But I suggestedContinue reading “One In Every Drove”

Wednesdays In May

By Tonny Wandella Wednesdays like when it was in MayWednesday I could here foot-steps very gayWednesday you can light the candle if you mayWednesday the touch was soaked; it rainedWednesday I needed to see a face along the way Wednesday in the six of a duskWednesday by the light beside the darkWednesday on the roadContinue reading “Wednesdays In May”


By Tonny Wandella She said don’t look me in the eyes,There is no vacancy for a stealth narcissist.I told her I was shy; a nest of mystery lodged inside my iris.Deep inside, we were only dreams and pain: the blended filth.She said she needed time…to ponder!But I could see her charm rise and perchon theContinue reading “Warmth”

Night Sky

By Tonny WandellaI reign over a vast kingdom in a riddle.A kingdom beyond the wind beneath a void,Within the twilight glaze.I lay aptly in a cradle of wishes and calm;Perhaps, listening to the murmurs of whistling pines and restless crickets.And blink while the naked lids beg me,To draw the drapes upon my dome.And sure, hereContinue reading “Night Sky”


By Tonny Wandella Satisfaction impedes hunger and colors any feign.When their bellies run dry; they commence to flogYou to a noose; then hand you to teeth: such task they deign.Be gallant; however, let the axe split the log.Saunter ahead, and sing a brave song,Feed such beasts; but never run out of meat.For they won’t waitContinue reading “Beasts”


Mornings are full of hunters, But we prey; We prey, lodged under a cloud of anticipation, but mornings are vicious and full of confusion, Cast upon us are seeds of our sins. But we prey; Before we become brace in a hunter’s bloody grip. We browse and gnaw, Until nothing palatable is left; So weContinue reading “A STRAND OF BRACE”


By Tonny Wandella Open your doors, feral requests to return; Home to your warmth and wheedling geste. I knew you had set a banquet, For your lonely self and the empty chair: It that was once my throne and its shadow, A faithful subject that always linger. While you reigned, you reigned without my teasesContinue reading FERAL