Explainer Videos: Their Magic To Your Business

By Azuni Voice

Explainer videos bring together the many parts of your brand, stories, goods, and culture. This is significant because it enables you to make an educational and in-depth overview of your company and what it offers, with all relevant information in one location.

People who look for information about products and services have one goal in mind: to find answers to their issues. As a result, the internet is becoming the go-to resource and the meeting place for prospective clients and businesses. But what do individuals do when they search the internet for information on a service or product?

This indicates that video is the dominant force on the internet, and by 2020, the video will account for 82% of all internet traffic.

Here is why explainer videos are crucial and can help your business;

Explainer Videos Are Brief And to The Point.

Regardless of how intriguing the topic is, a long video will lose viewers as it progresses. Explainer videos are effective because they are brief and to the point. Consumers today expect to obtain information quickly; they don’t want to waste time reading through online pages or viewing a long film simply to find the information they’re looking for. With an explainer video, you can swiftly deliver your message in an appealing manner while ensuring the audience receives the most important information.

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Tips for Landing a Job As A Voice Actor

By Azuni Voice

A voice-over actor is a person who utilises their voice to entertain, narrate, or advertise things in commercials, animations, audiobooks, electronic games, and educational material. A voice actor must be able to do impressions, mimicry, and character voices in addition to acting. Because voice actors are rarely seen on television, their sole means of expressing their emotions is through their voices. To provide the greatest performance possible, voice actors must train and practise religiously, constantly refining their vocal skills.

You can start crafting a route to becoming a voice actor if you have good acting talents and a good voice. It takes a lot of hard work, patience, and persistence to be a good voice actor, but it can also be a pleasant and rewarding experience.

Here are ways to do to get voice acting jobs:

Make a Demo Tape.

A voice-over demo reel is similar to a traditional actor’s sizzle reel, except there are no visuals. You can upload these samples to audition sites or search for talent agencies that will welcome unsolicited submissions and possibly hire you.


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Ways to Improve Your Voice Acting

By Azuni Voice

It’s difficult to break into the voice-over industry. It’s just as competitive as any other acting career, if not more so, and you’ll need complete command of your voice to succeed. Azuni Voice has some advice for improving your talents and establishing your career.


Whereas voice overs are becoming more casual, there is something that is lost when recording a truly casual tone. You’ll need to exaggerate a little and enunciate more properly in certain spots to compensate. This is usually easy to figure out by recording yourself and focusing on the areas where you could seem slurred or unclear.

Make Use of Quality Equipment

As talented as you are, selling your acting talent entails more than simply what you can accomplish with your voice. You will frequently have to share your talent in order to find job, and you will want to do so with decent equipment that will represent you well. Invest in a good microphone and audio editing software.