Transforming Your Bedroom to a Voice Studio

By Azuni Voice It’s advisable to start by removing whatever we don’t need from the room before we start adding new stuff. You may not be able to entirely clean the area if it serves as a bedroom, living room, or other function. Anything that can be taken out should be taken out. Good recordingsContinue reading “Transforming Your Bedroom to a Voice Studio”

The Five Different Types Of Voiceovers

Professional voiceover services can be divided into five categories: 1. Commercial Voiceover — This includes adverts on the radio and podcasts, as well as commercials on television and over-the-top (OTT) and internet videos. These usually involve a spokesperson or character promoting a product or service to customers or corporations. 2. Storytelling Technical videos, documentary, online tutorials, explainerContinue reading “The Five Different Types Of Voiceovers”

Voice Over FAQs

What Other Considerations Should you Make When Choosing a Voice actor? Voice acting has come a long way from the days of radio and television ads. The expansion of video and the lowering of obstacles to publishing on multiple channels has increased both demand and supply for a range of voice acting abilities. Request for publishedContinue reading “Voice Over FAQs”

What exactly is a voice-over? everything you need to know

A comprehensive guide to learning what a voice-over is, how to compose a voice-over screenplay, collaborate with a voice-over talent, and create your own voice-over. With videos capturing more of consumers’ time and attention online, brands and organizations must be able to develop great, engaging films that generate results, and having good video voice-overs is a critical component ofContinue reading “What exactly is a voice-over? everything you need to know”

Eight Reasons Why You Must Add Audio to Your Website (With audio Version)

Tracey Meagher is the founder of QuickandEasy Audio, a website that reviews all the latest resources and tools available for adding audio to your website. Listen to this audio via NUMBER 1 : INTERNET USERS REMEMBER WHAT THEY HEARDid you know that Internet users remember only 20% of what they read while remembering anContinue reading “Eight Reasons Why You Must Add Audio to Your Website (With audio Version)”

Rise of the Audio Blog (With audio version)

This is a guest article by Tanya Chopp that explore the changing world of blogging, are you ready? For years, brands have been encouraged to ‘think like publishers.’ This has meant that many companies have jumped into creating editorial calendars and opted into brand storytelling. However, the times are changing. Now, for those who wishContinue reading “Rise of the Audio Blog (With audio version)”