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Hi it’s Justine. Last week we pointed out fashion guidelines that French women regularly agree on and observe when they dress. Today, I’d like to head a bit deeper than that, and let you know about the vital portions in a French wardrobe. I guess there are like 10 of them that actually every French girl owns.

So we’ll go through that top 10 of essentials and on the quit of this video, I’d like to give you a few shopping guidelines to pick out and choose your key portions “the French manner”, so stick with me. First, permit’s start with the pinnacle then. Number 1: a white, crisp, tailored blouse with a marked waist. It’s status for city, lively and fashionable whilst you’re working or if you’re sitting in a café.

White shirts are also worn at some stage in enjoyment time in Paris, it’s no longer some thing reserved to week days or to paintings purposes. You also see women wearing shirts throughout weekends. Number 2: an stylish blazer in France is not overdressed, it’s simply right and if it’s a chunk silky, a bit vivid, If it has studs on it or at the shoulders or if it has a tuxedo mild shade then it’s even higher. It may be geared up an [n] [quad] taylor in case you wear it simply over simple top or it could be oversized and even double-breasted if you wear it as an outerwear piece like in this photograph.

That’s the editor-in-Chief of French Vogue, Emmanuelle Alt Number 3: ballerinas or rather loafers are a have to in Paris, due to the fact you don’t wear sneakers to paintings. That’s now not sincerely traditional. But you do need to walk loads for the duration of the day, specifically when you have to exchange subway strains all through your trip. Subway stations in Paris have infinite corridors and stairways so that you without a doubt need a terrific pair of flats.

Number 4: so permit me get this straight, the black dress does no longer need to be little to work. The truth that it suits your body well is lots more crucial. If you’re a pear shaped body, you would possibly want to move for an A-line get dressed. If you don’t like your fingers, you may want to choose the lengthy sleeve versions and so forth I did a video series on the way to dress on your frame shape, on your frame type so I’m not gonna pass into details in this video right here But you’ll locate that collection on my channel.

The idea of the black dress is that it’s your nice possible silhouette And that black is usually sublime, so whilst unsure or when you don’t have whatever to wear, you may usually wear black. Number 5: a completely, superb black t-blouse with the V-Neck or a team neck That is flowy and loose enough to transport round you while you flow and long enough to be tucked into your pants in case you want to and then the exact equal t-shirt in white and some different shades. Once you have got located your best t-blouse shape staple get numerous ones. Number 6: a pleasant turtleneck sweater in an amazing cut to your actual length will constantly look fashionable You can pick black or perhaps a impartial hue that flatters your skin tone.

Think which you are gonna wear that sweater in wintry weather while your pores and skin is paler anyway so that you need that colour to be flattering. Think of cashmere, as an example It’s so smooth that you may wear it on naked pores and skin and you then have the feeling that you’re getting hugged all day. A first-class fabric is critical for that sweater to feel top notch. French girls will all inform you, if you experience splendid it suggests and you also look outstanding.

Once you have got that ideal sweater, add French fragrance on pinnacle and then every body else can even need to hug you. Number 7: a nicely equipped pair of darkish blue denims may be styled down with shoes or up with a blazer and a pleasing pair of heels. So in France it’s miles visible as a very flexible piece of clothing a great deal more than clean jeans, which always appearance more casual and that’s not precise if you need to go out in the ones pants later. Also, bleached jeans imply a lot extra pollutants throughout the production system and it wastes numerous water and bleaching damages the fibers, so your clean denims received’t last up to dark ones.

No brainer. Number eight: a massive scarf is a nice accent regardless of which season you stay in. In iciness, it could be made from wool and in summer, as an example, light-weight cotton. It will have a print on it, so it’s gonna be the accessory color for your outfit in any other case made of probable stable colours.

You can virtually wrap it around your neck like right here or you could tie it inside the front to appearance a piece more formal. And when you have pungent pals inside the subway, you understand very practical. Number 9: you need a handbag into which you could throw the entirety you want throughout the whole day make-up, snacks, books, pc, gymnasium garments, heels if you’re going out after paintings. Think of Mary Poppins you know, she opens the bag and pulls out regardless of what you want.

Yeah, that’s the idea. Number 10: a pair of black, high, pointy heels. The kind that hurts, however makes your legs look gorgeous. Think of Saint Laurent stilettos, this kind, like your primary, typical, splendid elegant, black heels.

You can’t truely walk in them, but you’ve got apartments with you to your huge purse so that you’re satisfactory. Now, whilst French ladies buy groceries, they seriously prioritize first-class over quantity. How to do that? Very simple: I even have a method in 4 factors, 4 questions So, query 1: does that piece match with at least 1/2 of what’s already in my dresser? Second: will I want to put on that for at least 10 or maybe 20 years, or is it some thing elegant and it’s gonna exit of style sooner or later? Number three: is the first-rate so high that I can wash it at the least 50 times And it’s still gonna look top and have its form? Number four: it’s really now not a query, it’s a project You move domestic without buying the piece. You wait 24 hours and if then you definitely still need it, you can cross get it.

It can be silly, but it virtually prevents impulse purchases and impulses are the main reason why we purchase too fast clothes which are too cheap. On a scale from 0 to 10, how many of the ones portions do you personal already? Or I should say on a scale from zero to ten, how French are you? Do you have got similarly questions about French fashion? ‘Cause I ought to admit it’s a amusing subject matter for me to reflect and discuss approximately, so I’m satisfied to answer any questions you would possibly have. Give this video a thumb up if you liked it. Thank you.

I see you soon for a brand new video I now upload every Wednesday and Sunday. Until then, take care. Bye!

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