5 Entrepreneur Movies You Just Have To Watch In 2021

 Dale Hart wants you learn from this movies the pristine art of entreprenuarship

People believe that as entrepreneurs, we draw upon inspiration at will. Give us a business problem and we’ll have a ready-made solution within minutes, complete with a step-by-step business plan that even granny could follow.  

But we all know that’s simply not the case. “Writer’s block” is just as common in entrepreneurs as it is with, well, writers.  

This is why I think entrepreneur movies are great not for just getting inspired, but heck, they’re just great fun to watch.

I love noting down the obstacles they have to overcome, the solutions they propose, and of course watching how it all pans out. What are their background stories? How and why did they start their journeys? Are there similarities with my own journey in business? 

After watching entrepreneur movies I’ve often reevaluated concepts I’d been fairly confident in, only to find there were certain angles I’d not previously considered. Sometimes they’re just great for stirring up the pot and developing new and exciting ideas.

So with that said, grab the popcorn and settle into my top 5 entrepreneur movies you must watch before the year’s out:

Best Entrepreneur Movies To Watch This Year

I’ve analyzed 5 entrepreneur movies that will not only help serve as a source of inspiration but also touch upon concepts we actually delve into at ThePowerMBA

The Founder (2016)


This film tells the story of Ray Croc, a frustrated but ambitious milkshake mixer salesman from Illinois. After coming across a successful southern Californian burger joint with a unique production model (McDonald’s), Croc first convinces the founders to franchise the business, before eventually taking complete control and transforming into the most famous fast-food chain in the world.   


The Founder reflects the veracity of today’s business world despite being set back in the 1950s. Its protagonist (Ray Croc) embodies the entrepreneurial characteristics I see in many of our students here at ThePowerMBA.

What I learned

The importance of process automation

McDonald’s implemented an efficient production method far superior to its competitors, replicable in any of its franchise restaurants.

Using this system, employees could prepare hamburgers in under 30 seconds. The speed and quality at which they were made were unprecedented until that time.

I think this is applicable to most businesses; finding the best way to scale production while consuming as few resources as possible.

Scale a business by franchising

One of the models we look at in detail at ThePowreMBA is franchising. It’s a great model that allows you to scale your business thanks to partners who open branded facilities in different locations.

In the case of McDonald’s, their cooking process was also easy to replicate meaning customer experience would be almost identical at any franchise restaurant across the country.

The importance of a unique value proposition (UVP)

McDonald’s was clear on what their clients really wanted (even if they didn’t realize it just yet) and that was speed and quality.

That is why their business was successful; they knew how to perfectly adapt their value proposition to the needs of their clients.

Find your Blue Ocean

What do I mean by Blue Ocean? It simply refers to a new or existing market where there is little to no competition.

In Mcdonald’s case, they were the world’s first fast-food chain. They moved away from traditional restaurants (a competitive Red Ocean market) to establish an innovative business that until that time, didn’t exist, opening a completely new market (Blue Ocean).

The power of marketing and branding

Croc knew the importance of creating a unique restaurant experience but to communicate that message globally, he needed to focus on branding.

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