10 Wealth-Building Habits You Need To Master

By Be The Budget When it comes to personal finance, there are basically two types of habits: wealth-building habits, and wealth-diminishing habits. In other words, every financial decision you make will either move you closer to wealth, or further from it. So, it stands to reason that the more wealth-building habits you adopt, the more likelyContinue reading “10 Wealth-Building Habits You Need To Master”

5 Ways People Lose All Of Their Money

By Marc Guberti One of the worst financial fates someone can endure is losing all of their hard earned money in a matter of days or weeks. While this doesn’t happen to most people, it unfortunately does happen to some people. $100,000 turns into $0 and a few hard years of work go down theContinue reading “5 Ways People Lose All Of Their Money”

7 Lessons from The Richest Man in Babylon: Build Wealth Like a Millionaire

By Andrew The Richest Man in Babylon by George S. Clason is a fascinating lesson in personal finance written in short, easy-to-digest stories. It was first published in 1926, but the classic parable style and timeless concepts about how to build wealth continue to provide value as if it was written today. Originally written as aContinue reading “7 Lessons from The Richest Man in Babylon: Build Wealth Like a Millionaire”

Study: How Wealth Reduces Compassion

As riches grow, empathy for others seems to decline Who is more likely to lie, cheat, and steal—the poor person or the rich one? It’s temping to think that the wealthier you are, the more likely you are to act fairly. After all, if you already have enough for yourself, it’s easier to think aboutContinue reading “Study: How Wealth Reduces Compassion”

Difference Between Income and Wealth

 Surbhi S explains the key difference between wealth and income While income is generated, wealth is created, there is a big difference between two. Many think that these two terms are one and the same thing, but in reality, income is a stream of money, which a person receives from different sources such as salary, rent, profit,Continue reading “Difference Between Income and Wealth”